Thermoplastic Coating

Thermoplastic powders are specifically designed to provide a tough, long lasting coating to metals and are suitable for many applications in demanding environments.

Thermoplastic is selected as a coating of choice when products need to be durable, withstand the elements and look attractive.  It is a polymer that has a glossy appearance and it is supplied in many colours.

Fast Facts:

  • The coating maintains excellent adhesion to the metal substrate without the need for a separate primer.
  • The thicker coating ensures all edges are well covered.
  • It will not leach anything hazardous into the environment.
  • It is an ideal coating material for applications used in the food and water industries.
  • Accelerated weathering tests indicate that Thermoplastic coating will remain in a stable condition for 40 years outdoors in Northern Europe, 30 years in Southern Europe, and 20 years in tropical environments.

Thermoplastic Coating Protects against:

  • Stress cracking
  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Detergents
  • Salt spray
  • UV light
  • Acid rain
  • Airborne pollutants

Thermoplastic coatings outperform other coating materials in terms of performance, durability and environmental impacts.  Call MPPC today on 0121 766 8267 or complete our online form.

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