Metal Pre-treatment Process

Our engineers will inspect your item or structure to determine the type of pre-treatment best suited to your requirements.  Pre-treatment will be necessary if there is the need to remove oil, grease, rust, or black scale on the surface.

MPPC has adopted pre-treatment processes for many industries in our expanded facility to accommodate environmentally friendly industrial pre-treatment processes.

Why Pretreatment of Metal
is Necessary

  • Promote adhesion of the final coating.
  • Improve rust resistance.
  • Excellent surface for uniform coating.
  • Environmental efficiencies.
  • Recycling benefits.

Advances in Green Coatings

With the introduction of next generation green coatings, it was necessary to adjust the pre-treatment processes.  Based on our accreditation and certifications – ISO 9001— you can expect the highest quality control standards and operational efficiencies to get the job done on time.

Mechanical and Chemical Pre-Treatments

MPPC will prepare the surface before coating and finishing. The exact type of pre-treatment—mechanical or chemical—depends on the base metal type. After treatment, the item is water rinsed and a post-treatment is applied to improve resistance to humidity and corrosion.

MPPC has the following processes to achieve the perfect surface for final, durable coatings.

  • Hot Alkaline Degrease/Cleaner: Used for multi – metal application.
  • Zinc and Iron Phosphate coatings: Pre-treats steel, galvanised steel.
  • Chromate pre-treatment: Chromium phosphate pre-treatment process for aluminium and its alloys.
  • Two–Pack Acid Etch Primer: Provides and promotes excellent adhesion to metallic substrates with incredible anti – corrosion properties which can be used on ferrous and non – ferrous substrates where spay and dip line pre-treatment is not possible. It is particularly impressive on Aluminium.
  • Zinc Phosphate and Zinc Chromate Two – Pack Epoxy Primers: A two component, metallic zinc rich epoxy primers designed to provide excellent corrosion resistance both as a single coat and as a primer for a high performance coating system. Used for aggressive environments such as off shore structures, refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, power stations, bridges, pulp and paper plants. These primers are widely used for Ministry of Defence specifications Def Stan 03 – 32.
  • Zinc and Epoxy Rich Powder Primer: Is designed to give enhanced corrosion protection to mild steel when a Powder Coating system is preferred or specified.
  • Two Pack Paint Primers: These are used as primers for various non-metallic substrates which include plastic and MDF.

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