We offer a professional alloy wheel refurbishment and coating service.


We can repair damaged, scuffed, scratched or dented alloy wheels and bring them back to original manufacturer standards.


We can refurbish, diamond turn, powder coat, colour change or lacquer alloy wheels using original approved manufacturers materials.


We have been in the industry of metal pre-treatments, powder coating and paint spraying for over 26 years so we know a thing or two about coating. We are accredited to the globally recognised Quality Standard ISO 9001 and operate an approved MIS system which controls customers work throughout our facility. 

We have taken the exciting step to extend these skills and systems, offering customers a complete refurbishment or colour change of their alloy wheels, whether you’re a car mad enthusiast or a dealer trading in new or used vehicles.


Upon completion of the booking in form, we offer a free of charge collection and re-delivery on a minimum of 4 wheels within a 15 mile radius of our facility in Garretts Green Birmingham. If you wish to deliver your wheels personally and engage with our professional and enthusiastic team, we would be delighted. All stages of production are carried out in-house and are controlled within our existing quality, administration and health and safety procedures.

Stage 1 – Assess damage:

On arrival tyres, weights and valves are carefully removed.  Tyres and wheels are quality controlled for damage and wear. 

Stage 2 – Surface Preparation:

Wheels are hot aqueous cleaned prior to the chemical removal of all existing coatings.  Damage is assessed and where possible carefully removed with meticulous dressing and surface preparation techniques.  Alloys are finally treated to shot-blasting with stainless steel grit to remove any white corrosion or other surface contamination. 

Stage 3 – Priming:

Prior to priming, alloys are pre-heated to 210 degrees C generally known as pre-heating or de-gassing.  Powder primer is then applied to ensure excellent physical, mechanical and aesthetic properties for increased longevity of the wheel.  Primer is then cured through a high temperature oven at a fixed temperature and time.

Stage 4 – Base Coat and Lacquer:

Your chosen base coat colour is manually applied, followed by an acrylic lacquer giving an excellent flow and glass like clarity finish.