About Us

Located in Birmingham, MPPC is a privately owned company with 25-years industrial experience in the painting and powder coating industry.

Each year there are new technologies, equipment, paint and powder products as companies adapt to the needs of consumers and industry regulations. MPPC is up to date for the likes of—retail furniture manufacturing, automotive structures and parts, marine and vehicles and modern architectural structures.

Quality Assurance and National Standards Accreditation

MPPC is a leader in the field of expertise in production best practices to promote workplace health and safety, and the protection of our environment. Our company is fully accredited with BSI National Standards and UKAS management systems.


Customer Service

MPPC insures that clients are well informed of the advances towards production efficiency and improved productivity that offers:


  1. A higher Return-on-Investment.
  2. Improved turnaround times.
  3. A higher quality coating system.
  4. Tailored solutions to meet unique requirements.



Going Green

In this business, the environment and workplace safety is paramount. As more restrictions come into play surrounding the conventional liquid paint treatments, it places more importance on establishing an environmentally friendly powder-coating system using modern product innovation and technology.


Large Scale to Batch Work Technical Proficiency

MPPC provides helpful advice, consulting services and a large-scale operation staffed by 18 industry experts in:


  • Fabrication
  • Batch work
  • Shot blasting
  • Wet painting
  • Powder coating
  • Stove enamelling
  • Shot blasting