Shot Blasting

While many people regard any blast cleaning process as shotblasting, strictly speaking shotblasting refers to blasting with small steel balls or pellets, as distinct from other types of blast cleaning materials.

At Midland Paint & Powder Coaters we provide a range of shotblasting services. Manual blast cleaning facilities are available for large and small items. Blast cleaning can be offered as a stand alone service or as a preliminary to Powder Coating, Spray Painting or Stove Enamelling.

Our blast cleaning facilities include a large blast room:

12m long x 2.43m wide x 2.59m high.

At MPPC, our blasting media is high chromium stainless-steel, which enables us to blast all substrates including aluminium and steel, without the fear of contamination and at the same time producing a high-quality finish prior to coating.

All our blast cleaning operations are carried out on site in accordance with the latest industry standards and best practices.

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