Metal Pre-treatment Process

Our engineers will inspect your item or structure to determine the type of pre-treatment best suited to your requirements.  Pre-treatment will be necessary if there is the need to remove oil, grease, rust, or black scale on the surface.

MPPC has adopted pre-treatment processes for many industries in our expanded facility to accommodate environmentally friendly industrial pre-treatment processes.

Why Pretreatment of Metal
is Necessary

  • Promote adhesion of the final coating.
  • Improve rust resistance.
  • Excellent surface for uniform coating.
  • Environmental efficiencies.
  • Recycling benefits.

Advances in Green Coatings

With the introduction of next generation green coatings, it was necessary to adjust the pre-treatment processes.  Based on our accreditation and certifications – ISO 9001— you can expect the highest quality control standards and operational efficiencies to get the job done on time.

Mechanical and Chemical Pre-Treatments

MPPC will prepare the surface before coating and finishing. The exact type of pre-treatment—mechanical or chemical—depends on the base metal type. After treatment, the item is water rinsed and a post-treatment is applied to improve resistance to humidity and corrosion.